We have now send more than 50 patients for oocyte donation to Greece. The overall pregnancy rate is 70%. This is achieved by carefully selection and monitoring the patients in Copenhagen Fertility Center in combination with selection of suitable scandinavian donors in Greece.

Obese mothers induce infertility in their baby boys


Patients going to Copenhagen Fertility Center during Covid-19 quarantine


One baby, one tree – a good start in life

One baby, one tree – a good start in life Copenhagen Fertility Center now plants one tree per baby we helped make at the clinic.


Informatons for medical teams about openening after Corona Crises


What about the Corona virus and our clinic?

Due to the new situation Copenhagen Fertility Center takes all precaution.


Can a vaccine help mens fertility?

Human papilloma virus has been found in the human seminal plasma and harms the sperm function and fertility


Is the embryoscope helping the patients in IVF

Mane fertilility clinics are using the embryo scope, however data shows that it only increase the complexity and the cost for the patient?


We have helped to deliver 11.045 children since 1983

We are open 365 days a year

We have an emergency phone 24 hours a day