Unexplained infertility

1/3 of all couples with infertility suffers from what we as doctors call unexplained infertility. This is due to the fact, that although the patients have been through all kinds of diagnostic procedures, no pathology has been found.

Treatment options

Unexplained infertile couples have very good results following fertility treatment although we do not know the couse for the infertility.

Normally the treatment is initially intrauterine insemination and if this is not suscessfull IVF treatment.

Treatment with hormones assists the egg in its phase of maturation, whereas the insemination secures that the sperm cells are added to the egg exactly at the time of the ovulation. This can be an advantage, as we assume that unexplained infertility is caused by:

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More than 65% of the patients suffering from unexplained infertility conceive during the treatment.

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