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Copenhagen Fertility School teach medical doctors, embryologist and nurses all aspects of modern infertility treatments.


The fertility School was started in 1997 in Herlev University Hospital in Copenhagen by Professor Svend Lindenberg and his staff. It has since then been active in teaching many doctors, nurses and embryologist in Denmark as well as international students. Today the Fertility Clinic is situated in the middle of Copenhagen Fertility Center, the largest fertility clinic in Denmark.

We aim our training to bring doctors, nurses and embryologist to the highest level of knowledge and practical capability in the field.

The members of the teaching faculty is well known within their field and are among the scientist developing the IVF in the early 1980. We produced the first IVF child in Denmark. Since 1985 a keen devotion to research and treatment has been the goal for improving our patients treatment. The patients that come to our centre are guaranteed access to treatment with the latest techniques, many of them developed by our institution, which bases its development on constant and applied research. Further our quality control systems is accreditated by IISO 9001:2008.


The Fertility School vision is to meet thedoctors, embryologist and nurses at any level and bring them into a position to be able to provide excellent treatment to their patients.


Professor dr. med. Svend Lindenberg
Dr. Med Suzan Lenz
Dr. Med Steen Schmidt-Jensen
Chief embrylogist Mette Munk
Dr. Jan Blaaberg

Format for the courses:


The program comprises seminars of 4 days in which the participants will be involved in formal teaching lessons and practical Hands-on training in the laboratory.
The programme for the Fertility School - IVF/ICSI training is as follows:

Day 1 (Monday)
09.00 Evaluation of the participants and their present knowledge
10.00 OPU and stimulation protocols, Long, Short, Crash, IVM coasting OHS, what does that
do to the lab work
11.00 From oocyte to embryo. An overview in the development from selection of the
primitive follicle to the blastocyst. Impact of hormones, growth factors and different
culture techniques
13.00 Lunch
14.00 ET15.00 The consept of singel follicular singel embryo transfer

Day 2 (Tuesday)
09.00 Questions and explanations to what happened yesterday.
09.30 ICSI
10.30 ICSI hands-on
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Slow freezing vs Vitrification
14.00 Vitrification - Hands on

Day 3 (Wednesday)
09.00 Questions and explanations to what happened yesterday.
09.30 Lab. Hands-on
12.30 Lunch
12.30 Quality control, ISO certification in the lab. EU tissue directive and trouble shooting
14.00 Culture media
15.00 The nes strategy in stimulation protocols, "Mild stimulation"

Day 4 (Thursday)
09.00 Questions and explanations to what happened yesterday.
09.30 In Vitro Maturation
11.00 Lab. Hands-on
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Final Remarks and topics chosen by the participants
15.00 ART marketing - how to increase the number of patients and rational clinic handling.
Copenhagen Fertility Center,
Lygten 2c,
D-2400 NV,
November 2011,
2000 euro
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