Prices & Treatments

Prices are of 01/01 2019. We reserve the right for correcting errors and misprints.

(Incl. consultation, pregnancy test and ultrasound examination in the 7th week of pregnancy)
DKK 22,000.-
Blood tests: HIV + Hepatitis B and C
DKK 2,100.-
Interrupted IVF-treatment
(i.e. treatment interruption before egg aspiration)
DKK 0.-
Supplementary payment in connection with IVF:
Microinsemination (ICSI)
DKK 3,500.-
Aspiration of sperm from the testis (TESA)
DKK 4,000.-
Assisted hatching (Zona drilling)
DKK 2,500.-
Utilisation of external bought donor sperm
DKK 1,500.-
Freezing and storage of sperm per year
DKK 1,000.-
Freezing of fertilized and unfertilized eggs and storage for 1 year
DKK 3,000.-
Ongoing storage and freezing of fertilized and unfertilized eggs per year
DKK 1,000.-
Transfer of thawed, fertilized eggs
DKK 4,500.-
Treatment with donor egg (Egg donation)
DKK 42,000.-
Insemination treatment
Insemination with sperm from partner (IUIH) per treatment
DKK 4,000.-
Insemination with sperm from donor(IUID) per treatment
All open and closed sperm donors to be used in our clinic has to be bought from European Sperm Bank (ESB) or Cryos, and send to us prior the insemination.
DKK 3,500.-
Examination for infertility
(Includes consultations, hormone analysis, scanning of ovaries, water scanning (ultrasound guided rinse out of uterus and fallopian tubes), sperm analysis and if convenient, scanning of testicles)
DKK 2,700.-
DKK 5,000.-
Water scanning (HSU)
DKK 2,400.-
Sperm analysis
DKK 1,200.-
Hormone analysis each
DKK 200.-
AMH hormone analysis
DKK 1,000.-
Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
DKK 4,500.-

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