Prices & Treatments

(Incl. consultation, pregnancy test and ultrasound examination in the 7th week of pregnancy)
DKK 23.000,-
For subsequent IVF cycles
(If the treatment starts within 3 months of the last treatment and if no pregnancy was achieved in previous cycle)
DKK 21.000,-
Package of 3 IVF treatments regardless of age
DKK 48.000,-
Package of 3 IVF treatments under 35 years
DKK 45.000,-
Package of 3 IVF treatments over 35 years
DKK 48.000,-
IVF-treatment with mild stimulation
DKK 15.000,-
Simple IVF *
DKK 15.000,-
Package of 1 oocyte freezing treatment incl. freezing and storage of unfertilized eggs
DKK 26.000,-
Package of 3 oocyte freezing treatments incl. freezing and storage of unfertilized eggs
DKK 48.000,-
Blood tests: HIV + Hepatitis B and C
DKK 2.100,-
Interrupted IVF-treatment before egg aspiration
DKK 1.000,-
Interrupted IVF-treatment after egg retrieval
DKK 10.000,-
When prepared for egg retrieval or embryo transfer, the full cost of a treatment must be paid. Abandoning the cycle before there is a reduction in the price.

Supplementary payment in connection with IVF
Microinsemination (ICSI)
DKK 3.500,-
Aspiration of sperm from the testis (TESA)
DKK 4.000,-
Assisted hatching (Zona drilling)
DKK 2.500,-
Utilisation of external bought donor sperm
DKK 1.500,-
Freezing and storage of sperm per year
DKK 2.000,-
Freezing of fertilized and unfertilized eggs
DKK 4.000,-
Storage of eggs per year
DKK 2.000,-
Storage of sperm per year
DKK 2.000,-
Transfer of thawed, fertilized eggs
DKK 6.000,-
Warming of unfertilized eggs and embryo transfer incl. ICSI
DKK 10.300,-
Transfer of gamets to/from other clinic
DKK 7.000,-
Transfer of gamets to/from other clinic outside EU
DKK 12.000,-
Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA test)
DKK 8.000,-
Treatment with Co-culture
DKK 7.000,-
Endometrial scratching (Priming)
DKK 2.500,-

Anonymous Eggdonation
All our egg donors are healthy, young and tested for recessive genetic disorders.
This egg donation program guaranties, transfer of at least, one good quality embryo.
The 1st embryo transfer is included in the price. Hereafter, the price for embryo transfer is 5.000DKK.
If a second treatment is needed, the price is 36.500DKK for a new eggdonor cycle.
DKK 50.000,-
Double donation Anonymous egg donation
The Danish law allows double donation when at least one of the donors is open. All our egg donors are anonymous, meaning that a non-anonymous sperm donor will be needed.
The price only covers the egg donor cycle and does not include the open sperm donor cost.
DKK 42.000,-
Known Eggdonation
The patient has her own egg donor.
The donor’s expenses to medication and blood tests, genetic screening, if wanted, is not in the price as this is the patient’s responsibility.
DKK 36.500,-

Purchase of donor sperm
You can buy anonymous sperm straw from us to a limited extent (per straw)
DKK 3.000,-
You can buy open donor straw to a limited extent for
DKK 5.000,-

Genetic test
Genetic compatibility Match test for donor and partner- Know eggdonor.
DKK 9.000,-
Genetic test - Carrier screening test
A blood test is taken in our clinic and sent to the genetic laboratory for analysis. More than 300 genetic recessive disorders are included in the study.
The patient will receive an extended document with the results.
DKK 5.000,-
Genetic Compatibility Match test
The Genetic Compatibility Match test is valid for any couple who wish to know if they are genetically compatible before conceiving.
DKK 8.000,-
Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
DKK 4.500,-

Insemination treatment with referral from your own doctor on both by IUIH and IUID (including scans)
Insemination with partner's sperm (IUIH) per trial
DKK 0,-
Insemination with the use of self-purchased donor sperm (IUID) per time
DKK 1.500,-
Insemination treatment without referral from own doctor, or foreign patients.
Insemination with sperm from partner (IUIH) per treatment
DKK 4.000,-
Insemination with the use of self-purchased donor sperm
DKK 3.500,-
Examination for infertility without reference. With referal form you doctor free
Fertility check
(Consultation, blood tests, scans, counseling)
DKK 2.700,-
Hysterosalpingography (HSU)
DKK 2.400,-
Sperm analysis
DKK 1.200,-
Blood test per analysis
DKK 200,-
Anti Müllerisk Hormon AMH
DKK 1.000,-
Man's Clinic
Consultations per time
DKK 1.200,-
Consultation and treatment
DKK 700,-
For subsequent acupuncture treatments
DKK 600,-
Package of 5 acupuncture treatments
DKK 2.500,-
Prenatal diagnostics
Non-Invasive Prenatal Test in 10th Week of Pregnancy (NIPT)
DKK 4.500,-
Pregnancy scan 1st trimester
DKK 1.200,-
Pregnancy scan 1. trimester with reference
DKK 0,-
Obesity Clinic
Obesity treatment medical per consultation
DKK 1.200,-
Telephone consultation per consultation
DKK 300,-
Prices are of 01/01 2021. We reserve the right for correcting errors and misprints.

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