The spindel microscope in the laboratorium

Copenhagen Fertility Center has as the first in Denmark installed a Spindle Microscope in the laboratorium. We have done this because the spindel microscope can visualize the spindle apparatus in the eggs from the women. The spindle apparatus is the key to separate chromosomes in the developing eggs and embryos. If the spinclle apparatus is not in order, the pregnancy chance is decreased, it enables us therefore to select better eggs.

This microscope enables us to select normal eggs for fertilization and embryo transfer.

The spindle apparatus detoriate with age, and it is therefore a very important tool in the IVF/ICSI treatment of women over 37 years of age. In this age more and more women have eggs with malformations of the spindle.

It is therefore recommended to use this facility when a women has been through several IVF attempts without succes or just due to age over 40 years of age.

Using this new spindle microscope we are able to observe and make diagnosis on the eggs without disturbing them:

This new microscope enable us to improve our results.

This new observation has been presented by us a the World IVF meeting in Geneva april 2009

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