Results - pregnancy rates

Copenhagen Fertility Center presents our results yearly and the last results are presented below. If you want to communicate with us or have a free consultation with one of our fertility specialists, you can contact us here: contact

The team behind Copenhagen Fertility Center has been doing IVF since they produced the first IVF baby in Denmark in 1983.

Copenhagen Fertility Center treats couples and single women, and is one of the largest fertility clinics in Scandinavia.

Results from the last 1,254 IVF cycles, 3 first attempts:


Age 18-30 31-35 36-40 41-42 43-45
Pregnancy 35% 32% 26% 16% 4%

Results for all Danish private clinics in 2016:

Age 18-30 31-34 35-40 41-43 44-46
Pregnancy 36% 36% 26% 17% 6%

Cumulative pregnancy rates are: 72% at 3 attempts

We have the highest SET at 86% of all the private clinics

IUIH under 40 years: Pregnancy rates are 13% (total Danish results are 12.5%)

IUID under 40 years: Pregnancy rates are 16% (total Danish results are 10.8%)

IUIH over 40 years: Pregnancy rates are 8% (total Danish results are 7%)

IUID over 40 years: Pregnancy rates are 7% (total Danish results are 5%)

We have helped to deliver 11.045 children since 1983

We are open 365 days a year

We have an emergency phone 24 hours a day