Egg donation

Egg donation is when a woman donates her unfertilized eggs to another woman.

Egg donation takes place in connection with artificial insemination.

According to new rules in Denmark, the egg donor can be either open or anonymous. Double donation is allowed. When the egg donor is open, the sperm donor can be anonymous and vice versa. In Denmark, women can be treated up to the age of 46.

Egg Donation Treatment - When?

Egg donation treatment could be a help to women who cannot produce eggs themselves, neither naturally or by artificial insemination. The quality or lack of egg production could be due to early menopause, chromosome diseases or chemotherapy. These women can be helped by egg donation, both if they are single, living in a lesbian relationship or heterosexual.

To Receive Donor Eggs:

The decision to receive donor eggs can be tough. It is therefore very important that you take your time to consider the situation. The procedure by receiving donor eggs is relatively simple. Before the egg donation, it is very important that you have been thoroughly informed about the treatment at Copenhagen Fertility Center. Before the treatment with donor eggs, we will do some thorough examinations. We will also test the partner’s sperm quality. When a woman receives the eggs, she will have a pre-treatment of the female hormones, Estradiol and Progesterone to match the woman’s natural cycle. It is very important to synchronize correctly. There are two possibilities for egg donation:

In Denmark, we have a long waiting time for donor eggs. Therefore, we have often sent our patients abroad for egg donation.

With our co-operation with the Spanish clinic EUGIN it has become possible to do the whole program in Denmark, by only sending the partner’s sperm or donor sperm to Spain. EUGIN clinic will choose the egg according to the characteristics of the woman who will receive the eggs. When the eggs have been fertilized, they will be sent to Denmark, where we will transfer the eggs.

This is a very simple and easy way to do the process, instead of travelling abroad.

The Laboratory in Spain is ISO-certified and accredited by the EU Tissue Directive. We consider the clinic as a worthy and competent partner.

The EUGIN egg donation program is one of the world’s biggest, and our co-operation with EUGIN is excellent.

This is how you start

You would have to come to our clinic in order for us to inform you about the documents to sign and inform you about the treatment regime. We will also do some medical screening of you and your partner (if you have a partner). We would also need to know your criteria for the donor. Hereafter we will take some blood tests to see if you are healthy in order to receive donor eggs.

In case you want it, we can make some genetic tests in order to match you with the egg donor to lower the risk of inherited diseases. However, we would like to emphasize that inherited diseases is a minor risk with these methods.

The waiting time for egg donation through the Spanish clinic EUGIN is under a month. The procedure is very simple.

Egg donation step by step:

Download egg donation PDF flyer

Garanties & Prices for Eggdonation

DKK 50.000,-

You will receive minimum 7 MATURE DONOR OOCYTES from a young and healthy donor, the fertilization will be done using ICSI, and we promise you, at least, 2 GOOD QUALITY EMBRYOS.

In addition, you will have free consultations with our egg donation specialists, free scans during the endometrial preparation in our clinic and individualized treatment.

All our donors are screened for genetic carrier status for recessive disorders, like Cystic Fibrosis or Thalassemia, so you have the possibility of Genetic Compatibility Match with all our eggdonors.

The first year of Embryo storage and the first embryo transfer are included in our price. The following storage years and frozen embryo transfers will have the standard cost. Please check the price list.

If there is NO FERTILIZATION or NOTHING TO TRANSFER, we offer you a NEW and FREE EGGDONATION CYCLE. If our promise of 2 good embryos is not fulfilled, FREE NEW DONOR CYCLE. Notice that, if pregnancy is achieved, a future Eggdonation cycle will have standard price. If you wish a second Eggdonation cycle, the price will be reduced 24%.

The PREGNANCY RATE for our Eggdonation program with partner sperm is, nowadays, 66%.

The payment is divided in two fractions:
Rate 1: DKK 12.000,00: To start: documents, sperm freeze, creating a matching profile.
Rate 2: DKK 38.000,00: When the donor is matched and accepted.

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