Dear Sir/Madame, I address to you in order to expose my case and get information about two alternatives.I am a single woman 41 years old (I was born on the 30th March 1971).I have been in IVF treatment in my country Spain 4 times without success.In spite of the medicines I have taken, my eggs do not grow and the number is only of 1 - 2; for this reason the treatments never reached their end.The only time that I was removed one egg, it was dark and could not be fertilized.My sister has also follow IVF treatment and has got pregnant on the first time, so she has some cryopreservated embryos. She does not want to have more children and has offered to give me her embryos.In Spain the law does not allow the donation between relatives and although it allows the donation of eggs/embryos of an anonymous person, for me is very important that they are of my blood, of my family.I have spoken with my sister and we have seen two alternatives which I expose you, so that you can give me information about the prices an procedures for both of them and also the time that it will take (I am a working woman and asking my boss for days of absence is not an easy task).If you see other possibilities, please let me know.1- Sending the cryopreservated embryos to your clinic and go there for their transfer to me. This would be the best option for us, because my sister would not have to follow more treatments with medicines (she is breastfeeding her 2 months old baby).I would like to know if you would take care of the transport of the embryos, or if you could inform us of any enterprise who takes care of this subject, in order to ask it about prices.2- My sister would go to your clinic to follow there the treatment and leave there the eggs which would be fertilized and transferred to me. I would prefer not to take this option, as it would suppose for her to stop the breastfeeding of her baby. In both cases, the embryos not used, would be cryopreservated for future treatments. Many thanks for your attention and time. Please, do not hesitate to contact for any additional information that you need. Best regards.Raquel

RAQUEL · 21-04-2012 12:22:50

Our lows in Denmark does not allow this type of treatment. You can go to London or Russia. (AVA Clinic in St. Petersburg) Yours sincerely Svend Lindenberg

svend lindenberg · 23-04-2012 07:29:25

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